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How to Make a Loose Leaf Tea Latte:

Here I am going to show you the few simple steps it take to make a delicious loose leaf tea latte in five minutes or less.

Step one:

Brew your tea. For our Latte Blend of teas this requires one teaspoon of loose leaf tea and a little over one half a cup of hot water. The water should be around 180 degrees or just under boiling. Let this brew for 3 minutes. This can be done in a tea pot, with a tea ball or strainer, or with a french press.

Step two:

Heat your milk. This requires one half a cup of milk. It can be any type of milk, though soy and skim foam the best. There are many ways to do this, microwave, milk steamer, pot on the stove all work well. Heat to your desired warmth.

Step three:

Blend. Take your brewed tea and add it to a blender, and add your hot milk. Blend for 20 seconds on medium speed. Other options are to use a milk steamer, or a milk frother. This would be the step to add sweetener if you desire.*

Step four:


For more then one serving simply double or triple the quantities to whatever number of servings you need. For a milder or stronger flavor of tea, you may adjust the ratio of milk to tea accordingly. So for a stronger tea flavor you can add 3/4 tea and only 1/4 milk instead of half and half.

*If you prefer white foamed lattes, simply froth the milk separately and pour over your brewed tea. Lattes containing genmaicha must be done this way otherwise the milk will loose its foam very quickly.

For an iced tea latte click this link: Iced Tea Latte Instructions

Some Foam tips:
-Skim milk foams better then whole milk.
-When using a milk steamer, cold milk will foam better then room temperature.

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