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Other Uses for Tea

In place of harmful chemical products, here are some common green tea recycling ideas.

Cleaning of Carpet and Flooring: First, dry the used tealeaves. Once they are dry, evenly sprinkle them over the carpet. You can then gently vacuum the leaves with dust. Green tea absorbs the odor and its polyphenol content helps eliminate bacteria. For flooring, wrap the wet, used green tea leaves with a cotton cloth or a towel, squeeze it and simply wipe the floor. It provides a natural polished-look.

Natural Manure for House Plants: Place used green tea leaves around the root of your plants and simply cover them with potting soil. Many tea experts sugget that covering the leaves with soil prevents the growth of mold. Depending on the characteristics of your plants, the benefits of green tea may appear in a few months.

Prevents Rusting: Green tea leaves can be used to protect your cast-iron pans and pots from rusting. Wrap the used green tea leaves with a clean dry cotton towel, then squeeze it, and wipe it thoroughly. Polyphenol (aka catechin) in the green tea leaves chemically reacts with an iron and forms a thin coat on the surface.

Green Tea Bath: Green tea is also very good for our skin. Try putting dry tealeaves into a clean thin cotton bag or a sock, then tie it securely to put it inside a hot bath. Once tealeaves are fully opened, gently rub your body with it. Though studies are inconclusive, the green tea leaves are often claimed to be hypoallergenic and generally good for all skin types, for they produce fewer allergic reactions.

Deodrizing and Aroma: For expired green tea, you can put the leaves in a ceramic pot or container for burning. The leaves will absorb odor and deodorize your room. At the same time, you can also enjoy its fragrance.

Cutting Board Cleaning: Ever faced a problem trying to eliminate odor of your hands and cutting board after preparing meat or fish? Simply spread the wet tealeaves on the cutting board for several minutes. You can then generously rub the board using your hands. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

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