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Green Tea Health Benefits

Today, hundreds of millions of people drink green tea globally for its health benefits. Various studies into the effects of green tea have been presented in recent years. Though these studies are still incomplete and inconclusive, they are pointing strongly toward having a key factor in achieving and maintaining good health. The health benefits of green tea are varied, mainly because its chemical makeup gives positive affects to many different bodily systems. It makes sense that many of us consume green tea to achieve those benefits. Basic breakdown of green tea components and its benefits are as follows:

Catechins (polyphenol) - The healthful factor of green tea is largely attributed to this chemical component. It reduces incidence of cancers, reduces oxidation by active oxygen, prevents cavities (because of its high content of flouride), increases metabolism, lowers high blood pressure and cholestrol, inhibits increase of blood pressure, inhibits increase of blood sugar, kills bacteria and virus, fights cariogenic bacteria, improves digestion, and prevents bad breath. The average cup of green tea contains about 50 to 150 milligram polyphenols.

Vitamin C - Reduces stress and prevents flu.

Theanine (amino acid) - Promotes neural function balance and inhibits increase of blood pressure.

Vitamin E - Prevents aging, prevents hardening of arteries, and promotes cholestrol balance.

Dietary Fiber- For every 100 gram of green tea, you can consume 10 gram dietary fibers. It improves intestinal activity for digestion.

Studies suggest that 3 cups or more of green tea daily can provide protection against cancer. However, manufacturers offer extracts that can be taken in pill form. A typical dosage is 100-150 mg 3 times daily of a green tea extract containing 80% total polyphenols. Whether these extracts offer any benefit remains unknown.

Interactions With Medication:
If you are taking:
MAO inhibitors: The caffeine in green tea could cause serious problems.
Coumadin (warfarin): Large doses of green tea could interfere with its effectiveness, it directly counteracts Coumadin's blood-thinning action.

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